The perils of disintegrating societies over french onion soup

Illustration by Jee Young Park

I think it’s Tuesday, not that it matters which day it is. What’s for certain is the free-spiritedness of a national holiday pulsing through the people in this mall. I also know this because my husband keeps telling me so. Aside from the cultural significance, I’m thrilled that this is…

How shallow it is I have no fucking clue.

A picture from our recent trip to Stockholm.

Some people love to take themselves so seriously and it’s a favorite tell of rigidity in the personality that I take great pains to accept the first time and run.

Running is a favorite activity of mine and of the Swedes. Although most of the time people are not really…

Art | Friendship | Self

Embracing uncertainty through creative expression

Illustration by Author

This afternoon I’m sitting at the dining room table instead of at my desk. There’s a tin piggy bank in the shape of a telephone booth, a stack of tarot cards, and a pink crystal candlestick holder. I am neither happy nor sad. I have four cats. I’m thinking about…

Art & Relationships

How we reveal who we are as writers, readers, and artists

Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

When I draw humans it’s usually from life. This simply means that I look at the person in front of me and render them in real-time. Recently, I’ve been working off a photograph and the process has proved to be difficult enough to prompt some reflection.

Before drawing humans, I…


Hence The Necessity of “The 1619 Project”

Photo by lalesh aldarwish from Pexels

Since The New York Times published Nikole Hannah-Jones’s “The 1619 Project” in August 2019, the response has been polarizing but predictable. What can you expect in a society still dominated by oppressors? Discussions from critics continue to pull away from the necessity of teaching history written not solely by the…

Completing my thoughts from “Drawing From Life”

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

At the beginning of the month, I lamented in “Drawing From Life” about my failure to depict our September interviewee. …

Call for Submissions

How do you leverage disgust and the unexpected in your writing?

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

“…and then he took a shit, right there, on the train.”

We were standing close enough to gossip but far enough not to “gather” on the sales floor. The scent of the obscene punctured our morning shift like a freshly brewed pot of coffee as my co-worker described what she…

An ode to the … of life

Photo by pineapplelove :) from Pexels

The doldrums
I’m reminded of

line … drawings … from …

… the … phantom … tollbooth

beautiful, succinct, fleeting

A moment where the brain
Thought, “Hey, I’d like to share this rough draft”

I think those moments
are the most beautiful

always a work in process
i hope you don’t…

TBIN Poetry Prompt Response: What’s something that bothers you?

Forgive my ignorance

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

I just wonder how
Such few words: standard English
Can take away the ‘i’ in Afghani

When in Dari, an official language
of Afghanistan alongside Pashto
that ‘i’ is present

When in Urdu, an official language
of Afghanistan’s neighbor, Pakistan,
that ‘i’ is present

Where Pashtuns reside too
In Lahore and…

Cultured Prompt Response

Convictions from my father

Photo by PNW Production from Pexels

Dear Dad,

I’ve known what it’s like to miss you, ever since I was a little girl.

I remember your hugs and genuine affection. …

Jee Young Park

I try to reside in my mind and body. Illustrating, editing, & curating at Le Fool. In progress. #weoc

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